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Posted by daytonparanormal on October 11, 2009 at 12:27 AM

Photo of the grave of Johnny Morehouse taken by Brenton Buckner on October 10th, 2009.





In the 1860s there was a boy, Johnny Morehouse, the youngest son of John and Mory, who lived with them in the back of his father?s shoe repair shop. One day the five-year-old was playing near his home by the edge of the Miami & Erie Canal (which used to run along the present Patterson Blvd. in downtown Dayton near the library).


The boy accidentally fell into the canal water. His dog, playing by him, jumped into the water and tried to save him. He pulled the boy out, but not in time to save his life. The boy drowned and was buried in Woodland Cemetery. Legend has it that, several days after the burial, the dog appeared next to the boy?s grave staying by it morning, noon, and night. Visitors to the cemetery saw him and began to worry about his health. Some began leaving him bits of food. Passersby still bring small toys and other trinkets to decorate the grave marker to express their spontaneous outpourings of sympathy.


It is said that Johnny and his dog were reunited in the afterlife and their ghosts continue to roam the grounds of Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.


The cemetery shares a border with the campus of The University of Dayton. There is little more than a fence separating the cemetery from student apartments in many places. Over the years, many students have reported seeing the ghost of a little boy playing with a dog. Many more have reported hearing a dog barking from inside the cemetery. Legend says that one man was actually so sure he saw a little boy inside the cemetery that he actually called the police and they conducted a search of the grounds, but found nothing.


Is the ghost of Johnny Morehouse real or is this another urban myth? Are the multitude of sightings of the ghost of a little boy and a dog because the legend of Johnny Morehouse is already well established in the Dayton community or was the legend established because of the many sightings?


This is a fascinating story because Johnny was a real person and his story was indeed very tragic. He also had strong ties to his dog, family and toys. These would seem to be the kind of circumstances that most people believe could cause a spirit to linger on the earth.


Have you had an experience with Johnny Morehouse or his dog? Please tell us about it! I would love to hear from those of you who have lived near the cemetery.

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Reply Rhonda
11:52 PM on March 21, 2010 
I never knew any history of Woodland Cemetery. Not from the dayton area. Today I am VERY interested in the cemetery!!!! Went there today with husband and daughter to do some photo shoots and as we were leaving my husband said did you see that crazy grave with all the junk all over it. we drove up to it and I was astounded at all the things left there at the Johnny Morehouse grave. My daughter said there was something engraved on the side but couldn't make out what it said. I hopped out of the truck for a closer look and as I circled the monument cold chills ran up my right arm, neck and scalp. My neck hairs were electrified. I told my husband and daughter that there was definitely a spirit there and I got back in the truck. My husband googled the name on his blackberry right there and gave me a funny look and then told me this story. I didn't see anything but I sure as heck felt something there. Now I think I will visit this cemetery again and perhaps pay more attention!
Reply daytonparanormal
12:32 AM on March 23, 2010 
Woodland is a little known treasure of Dayton. We go there all the time. If you truly want to understand the history of any city, visit its oldest cemetery. There is so much to see at Woodland. The Queen of the Gypsies is buried there. She was such a big deal that the NY Times wrote an article about it in 1878.

I have interviewed many people that used to live near there. They all believe it is indeed haunted.
Reply Amanda
4:56 PM on November 14, 2011 
My mom said you can hear the ghost dog barking at night and at weird hours
Reply karen johnson
11:46 AM on May 11, 2012 
i saw the picture of dog saving boy in weird ohio
Reply A
6:38 PM on December 29, 2013 
Not from Dayton originally, a little farther north. I've always been intrigued by the paranormal. DEFINITELY need to check this place out.
Reply Ruth Hammaker
9:28 AM on July 5, 2017 
My husband and I visited Woodland June 26, 2017. He's skeptical, I'm curious. We stopped at Johnny Morehouse's' memorial. There was a rope dog toy lying on the monument. As we watched, the toy slowly moved across the monument. There was no wind. I then looked behind the memorial and saw a misty form behind it. My husband saw this too. This was in mid-afternoon, bright sunny day. My husband said he got the chills. I thought it was the coolest thing!
Reply attaighExhaw
10:01 PM on September 2, 2017 
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