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Are you experiencing paranormal activity?


If you live in the Dayton, Springfield, Columbus or Cincinnati area and are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity, we would like to hear from you. 

We know that experiencing things you cannot explain can be very scary.  Are you unsure who you should talk to?  Do you wonder if people will believe you?  Are you afraid they might think you are crazy?  Are you afraid of being outcast or ridiculed?  Who can you turn to?  We are here to help.  We have helped many people just like you. 

Who can you trust?

One never knows what you will get when you contact a local "ghost hunters" group.  Anyone can claim to be an expert.  There are no licensure requirements, no professional credentials and no real way to verify who you are inviting into your home or business.  Clients have told us stories of contacting ghost hunting groups and getting a group of teenagers looking for a late night thrill; kooks who light candles, beat drums and hold séances; or people who are so intent on contacting spirits that they make things worse for the residents of the property. 

Our team is made up entirely of professional people with traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs which reflect the majority of the local community and include a former minister who is experienced in dealing with the paranormal as an agent of the Church.  What this means to our you is an assurance that no one on our team will attempt to perform alternative religious rituals in your home or make things worse and then abandon you to your fate.

A word about psychics, mediums, sensitives and demonologists

Many people claim to be psychic.  Many people claim to have gifts.  Many people claim to be sensitive and see what others don't.  All of these people ask you to put your faith in a stranger that you have never met and you know nothing about.  D.P.I. will never ask you to put your faith in anything other than God. 

Many people on the internet claim to be demonologists.  Many people claim to have participated in exorcisms.  Many people claim to know how to rid your home of demons.  What if they are wrong?  Most people claiming to be demonologist are people who have read texts about demons on the internet.  Most of these texts (or grimoires as they are called by some) are works of utter and complete fiction.  Many of them claim to be thousands of years old, and yet, the oldest original manuscripts are just a few hundred years old.  Mostly they were written by charlatans and con men in the middle ages to make money off of kings and noblemen who were seeking an advantage over their enemies.  Most true experts on demons usually don't claim to be demonologists. 

Our methods

D.P.I. believes that a small team of highly trained, mature and experienced investigators is better suited for a thorough home or business investigation and best serves the client by being less invasive and more respectful of their homes and property.  We do not use occult, pagan, wiccan, satanic, or any other alternative ritualistic methods.  We do not use spirit communication devices like ouija boards, séances or table tipping.  We do not use psychics, mediums, or sensitives.  We only use proven investigative techniques and methods used by the church for thousands of years. 

You will never see D.P.I. sneaking through graveyards or abandon buildings in the middle of the night.  We don't go "ghost hunting" to get our kicks.  We are not looking to be famous.  We do what we do to help those in need.  We help people who feel they have no where else to turn.  We are respected in our field and offer over 15 years of experience.   

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